I feel awful.

Today has been a nightmare. 

But to begin lets rewind… yesterday I got a “care package” from my mom.  It had some random stuff, but among everything was a face moisturizer.  I have used this stuff before by the way.  Anyways last night I wash my face and do my normal routine, and then I decide to use the moisturizer she sent me. 

I go to sleep around twelve, and awake up today around twelve. (yes it appears my sleeping issues are gone).  My eyes feel puffy, so I get up to look in the mirror, and I must have had an allergic reaction!! My face is red and blotchy, my eyes are reallllly swollen.  The first thing I do is call my mother and tell her what happened.  She tells me to put a cold wash cloth on my face and relax.  And to look at the bright side that I don’t have to go anywhere today.  (Good point). 

So now… my face is still all red and my eyes are less puffy but still puffy and hurt. Ouch. I think I’ll shop online to make myself feel better. 🙂


7 thoughts on “I feel awful.

  1. aniche says:

    that sucks!my mom once got an allergic reaction to cosmetic. it sucked because we were on holiday and she coudln’t have any fun although she tried. i’m sure urs will go away soon as well. any good dermatologists lurking around ur snowy campus?

  2. Kimberly says:

    haha it went away that day…. but i spent the whole day in my room. it was crazy. no i didn’t buy moisturizer online 🙂

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