Due to the weather…

I have resorted to changing my myspace song and background (the video above is my myspace song), watching the first season of “Samantha who?” online… and pretty much anything else that will entertain me.

I’m fresh out of inventive ideas for having fun.  Not to mention all of my friends seem to be missing in action, what the heck are they doing? 

Tomorrow I want to do something, like go to a movie, or dinner, anything really- as long as I leave this dorm room.  I cleaned my dorm room today, it’s not even Sunday, that’s how bored I got.

My mother called me at least three times today and told me to walk up and down the stairs for entertainment.  She is so random.


3 thoughts on “Due to the weather…

  1. aniche says:

    You should go for a movie AND dinner as well. Crank it up a little. Or you should get out during day time with any of your friends and explore the surroundings! Throw snowballs at unsuspecting passersby, stuff like that.
    Your mom’s suggestion does sound random, but perhaps she meant walking up and down the stairs on your HANDS! that’s def not random.
    i bet u are creative enough to come up with some innovative ways to have fun. You could watch more movies at that site where u watched Amelie.
    Anyways, HAVE FUN and enjoy the snow! 🙂

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