Three Showers.


In our hall bathroom there are three showers, all aligned on the right side of the room.  To the left of the room is the toilet stalls, and in the middle are the sinks.  Every morning I hope for the shower stall that is on the far right up against the wall- by the door.

I have many reasons for this. Number one and most imporantly?  Stronger pressure, the water comes out stronger, stays warm longer, and is on more of a mist mode, rather than “laser” mode, if you know what I mean.  Reason number two?  The shower stalls are just that, stalls, therefore there are huge gaps between each “wall” partition, and people can see in if they casually glance.  However, the far right shower stall is up against the wall therefore it only has one area people can see through so I throw my towel over that area.  Otherwise, in the other stalls there are multiple areas to cover. 

Our bathroom also has a bath stall.  NO ONE takes baths here.  Mainly because the stall looks disgusting! I doubt it has been cleaned since the fifties.  (Our dorm was built in 195o-ish).  The tile in our bathroom that covers the floors, walls, sinks- basically is everywhere, is none other but the color Pink. BLEH. It looks like a room of cotton candy. 

If you really examine the bathroom, it’s quite gross… rarely cleaned, I think once a week.

Showering with flip flops is a must.  But of course Jane (whom I mentioned in another post- those girls pt 2) wears NO shoes.  Even when she is going to the bathroom or showering.  How gross, I won’t even wear just socks in there.


7 thoughts on “Three Showers.

  1. clevergrl says:

    Haha! I forgot about showering in the dorms – we did the towel over the gap thing too. And we all fought over the “safe” shower that was on the end no one walked by to see in. And we wore flip flops.

  2. aniche says:

    I once took a shower fully clothed when I was a kid. It’s actually a lot of fun when the clothes are all sticking to ur body and they get suddenly heavy. Of course, I did it at home so i could do whatever i wanted.
    I thought girls loved pink color.Although having a pink bathroom can be quite dangerous since it might help camouflage the strawberry monster!!

  3. Kimberly says:

    haha the strawberry monster?? lets just say pink is my least favorite color…. well not least favorite, but it’s definitely down on my list.

  4. nichtalles says:

    I use that exact same shower every time, unless someone’s in it in which case I use the last shower. It DOES work better.

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