The day’s events.


Today was a really good day!  I woke up, went to psychology (nothing interesting happened with Romeo & Juliet, except all of Romeo’s pointless questions of the Professor).  I then went to Food Science Health Nutrition, which was pretty interesting today.  And then it was time… speech time that is.  Sitting through FSHN I began feeling nervous, my hands were sweating, I had that feeling in my stomach.  I hate being the center of attention, talking about myself– to students who couldn’t care less. 

However, I was fourth to give my speech– and even though I blocked out I’m pretty sure I did alright.  I made the mistake of wearing my red coat… and now I fear my cheeks probably matched my coat.  Not to mention my shaky voice.  I hate that. I’m just glad that’s done with… for four weeks now! My next speech is four weeks from now. And at least then I won’t be forced to talk about myself.

Anyways I came home, and because of Aniche watched Amelie. 🙂 It was amazing. I enjoyed it so much.   It made me want to be more clever.  If you’ve seen it, you would understand what I’m talking about.  Through the whole movie Amelie is secretly playing tricks on her friends, family, and even strangers.  Not to mention it has a love story to it– that gets my vote of course!  Now I have one thing to cross off  of my “bucket list”!

I am so excited for tonight as well because (this makes me sound really “teeny-bopper”) Gossip Girl is on again! It’s been two weeks since the last episode.  I live my life around shows. Which is really sad, but none-the-less makes me happy.  My friend Trina and I will be catching the newest episode at eight tonight.  

I hope everyone had a good day! 🙂


7 thoughts on “The day’s events.

  1. indianamatt says:

    I felt twitchy just reading about you giving a speech. I HATED that. In high school, we had some days in speech where we had to give impromptu speeches with no advance warning. I wet my pants more than once in there.

  2. aniche says:

    Hey, that’s great! I helped! Woo hoo! So, that’s one degree less of heat I’ll have to endure in hell!
    I once addressed one of my teachers Mom instead of Madam before one of my speeches (true story). That’s how messed up I am when it comes to speeches. But I hear from people who are really good at public speaking that the more you do it, the easier it gets.
    I once made the mistake of getting hooked onto Bold and the Beautiful just so that I can talk about something with a girl I was getting to be friends with.I’m clean now, but I still live with that secret shame 🙂

  3. Kimberly says:

    haha what is bold and beautiful? is that a soap opera?
    I’m glad you feel you can share your confessions with me. 🙂

  4. aniche says:

    The Bold and the Beautiful is the world’s most ridiculous soap opera where everyone has slept and had a baby with everyone else. Interestingly, it’s highly addictive to some once you start watching it. Trust me, you’re not missing anything.

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