Single Awareness Day… Just around the corner!


My Fine Arts 101 professor is a kook.  Not to mention I know more about art and artists than she does! She also lives on a farm out in the middle of the Palouse somewhere, so she can only come into Pullman on days when she has class.  She loves to remind us of this fact 20 times each class. 

After Fine Arts I went over to the Bookie (book store) to look at cards.  It seems like everyone’s birthday is just around the corner! My friend Jack’s birthday is Feb 1st, my dad’s is Feb 3rd, my aunt’s is Feb 5th, and my friend Trina’s is Feb 6th. Yikes! Needless to say, I had a lot of cards to buy.  When I was home two weekends ago I bought my dad’s gift so that’s out of the way. As for Jack I think I’ll buy him a cupcake on the actual day and call it good. 🙂 I bought my aunt a card and will be mailing that out.  And lastly, I bought Trina the new issue of Cosmopolitan (she loves this magazine) and a card and a bow.  Then I decided I would surprise my best friend Jessica with a valentines card (a bit early I know) so I bought a card for her and made her a cd (love mix) to stick in the card.

Anyways… I’m just very pleased with getting that all done.  It was weighing on my mind.

I’m skipping my dance class today, but later in the day I have one more class to go to for the day and then I’ll be done! Yay!

Lately my friend Emily and I have been playing cards everynight.  We have a new obsession.  We play hand and foot (my personal favorite), village idiot, crazy eights, kings corner, and as a last resort- war. haha it’s been really fun though.  Everynight around 9 we sit down on my floor, turn on music, and play card games. It’s great.

Last night after we had played cards we got bored and decided to take a walk around ten at night.  It was great, no one was out and it was really peaceful.  We looked at all of the houses around campus and decided which ones we would potentially like to live in when we were sophomores or juniors.  There are some really cute houses around the area surprisingly!

Anyways I hope everyone is having a good day!

2 thoughts on “Single Awareness Day… Just around the corner!

  1. aniche says:

    You definitely are a good friend/daughter/niece/friend again!
    I suppose when it comes to buying cards a bunch of birthdays close to each other is helpful. My best friend is gonna give birth around feb 2nd week. she wants it to be on feb 14. which is cool i guess since it guarantees a gift on valentine’s day.anyway, what she wishes more is not to give birth on feb 19 cuz tht’s her mother in law’s bday! 🙂 she’s scared the kid might feel closer to the m-i-l or something.
    she’s only like 24 and i feel weird even saying she’s giving birth couple of weeks from now.

  2. Kimberly says:

    haha yeah! I know… it’s crazy how many people i know having kids. And i’m only 18. But then again i do have a lot of older friends. My bible study leader (27) just had a son, she named him Sam. Fun stuff.

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