Anarchy equals bliss? What?


Today was rather uneventful.  Lately I’ve been waking up naturally about 40 minutes before my alarm is supposed to go off.  What is ironic about that is I have been staying up later than I usually do.  I am going home for the weekend tomorrow.  We’re leaving around 2:30 hoping we’ll get over the pass before dusk.

I know, I know– I just came back.  But I really have a good reason to come home, besides the fact my ride was randomly going and offered me a ride.  You see, my bible study leader just had her first son, Samuel.  Of course I want to go see him! Besides that it’ll be great to see Jessica and Kalea. I love those girls. 

I love road trips.  I love driving six hours, just looking out the window, listening to good music, singing songs and stopping occasionally for bathroom breaks.  What is really going to make this trip better is the fact James is coming along with us.  He is one of my friends who is leaving school at WSU forever, and we’re giving him a lift back to Seattle.  It will be sad to see him go, but he’s miserable here.

Speaking of good music, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack of Across the Universe for the past week.  I am in love with it.  I thought I was going to have a hard time with random actors and actresses covering legendary Beatles songs- however, they’re great! Not to mention I absolutely loved the movie.  Everytime I listen to the soundtrack I can see the scene that the song accompanied.

Oh! I forgot to mention that Ben Folds is coming to Pullman! I, along with my friend Trina, was thrilled to hear this.  We got to the ticket line as soon as we could thinking there was going to be a huge line.  Once we reached the doors and noticed we were the only ones in the building we felt silly.  Apparently Ben Folds isn’t popular in this part of the state— we were an hour late and got third row tickets.  Regardless, we’re so excited.

Also, Pullman must really be stepping up because Elton John is performing for Mom’s Weekend.  Yes! I’m even more excited just thinking about it.  However, I don’t even want to think about the line for those tickets! People will most likely be camping out.

Do you know who else is performing Mom’s Weekend 2008? ME! Yep- My “Intro to Jazz Dance” class is performing in a recital.  As if my public speaking course isn’t enough, now I have to dance in front of a group of cheering moms and other students. 

So this is random- but then again so is this blog. Anyhow- my Gen Ed professor cracks me up, but not in a way where he knows he’s being funny, more so I am laughing at him.  First of all I am completely impressed with his vocabulary. It’s amazing, I get lost listening to him.  Also he has traveled everywhere!  He has really great stories about his trips, and of course first hand experience with some of the topics.  But what really cracks me up about him is how he stereotypes everything and everyone.  There is a student in our class who is Indian and is second generation, therefore he was not born in India, but his parents were.  Everytime Dr. Wendt crosses the topic of India he always looks to this kid for answers. He’ll pose a question, look around, and then land on this kid, assuming he knows everything about India. 

What is even more entertaining about this situation is usually the kid has no clue what he is talking about.  How embarrassing Dr. Wendt.

Then of course there is the girl in class (who sits in front of me) that has 6 different colors of dye in her hair, and wears as many holes and safety pins in her clothes as possible. (Which would be extremely cold in Pullman).  She always seems to shout out liberal statements and roots for anarchy.  As she does this, Dr. Wendt smiles and looks at her like she is the most naive person on the planet.  Then this girl gets into little tiffs with the one super conservative girl in class who loves to spout out ignorant statements. 

It is really entertaining actually. Anyways that’s it for now.


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