Boy Meets Girl. The End.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in my Psych 105 course, I have the opportunity to observe honestly the most innocent flirting to ever occur on this earth.

Every day I come into Psych anxious to see what will happen next in this unfolding love story right before my eyes.  To begin I will describe for you our Romeo and Juliet.

On a daily basis you can expect Romeo to be wearing a beret and some form of t-shirt supporting Nintendo or other various game systems.  He arrives promptly, organizes his spiral notebook and pencil, and looks around waiting for his Juliet to arrive. 

Next Juliet enters.  Right when Romeo sees his vision of love he smiles.  Juliet is Asian, and I say this because it matters to another part of the story.  From what I’ve gathered while eavesdropping on their conversations, she is from China.

What happens next is what I like to call the first encounter.  Juliet sits down pulls out her lap top, opens up her itunes and searches through her music.  Romeo immediately notices her choice of music and comments on his love of Chinese pop music.

Now I always wonder why Juliet on her desktop has both Pullman’s weather/time along with Cleveland’s.  She is not from Cleveland, why would she care to know the weather or time?

Moving on… today Romeo and Juliet immediately began playing WOW- otherwise known as World of Warcraft.  However, once the professor begins speaking about ethical experiments, Romeo turns away.  Soon after, Juliet enters the wonderful world of Wikipedia.  I have yet to discover why she researches the things she does during class.  Today’s topic? “Swordsman of the nineteenth century”. That surely doesn’t not have anything to do with psychology.

It seems this epic love story will never end… tune in for future updates. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Boy Meets Girl. The End.

  1. Mister Oshcosh says:

    Very interesting observations. I miss classroom eavesdropping. It’s what kept me from paying attention. I wonder if there is a blog out there, written by a Chinese girl, or perhaps a boy wearing a Nintendo t-shirt, about a girl who sits in psych class watching what people do. Now that would be pretty wild. I look forward to your next class.

  2. Mister Oshcosh says:

    So, you need to make your link available so people can just click on your comments to find your stuff easier.

    And to answer your question, I think a little bit of every day of the week lives within me. What about you?

  3. Kimberly says:

    haha if you’ve read any of my previous posts you would know how very UN-tech savvy I am. I wouldn’t even know how to do that.

    Hmmm I think I’m relaxed like Sunday, and boring like Wednesday. Something like that. 🙂

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