Help me out, said the minnow to the trout.

I’m back! After two days of not writing a blog I feel out of it.  I’m not even quite sure what to say, so I’ll give updates! 🙂

I am back at school, today was the first day of new classes for this semester.  Of course it decided to be a blizzard outside which wasn’t helpful when searching for new classes.  In the morning I had Psych, then I had a two hour break and then Food Science Health Nutrition, followed immediately by Public Speaking.  I am SO nervous for that class.  We have a total of four speeches to complete, my palms are already sweating.

I always seem to have tech problems in my room, and I am NOT tech savvy.  I had problems setting up my new dvd player when I got back and I ended up having to call my friend Jack, who is great with anything to do with technology and he helped me figure it out.

THEN today I had problems with my printer, it kept saying it was “offline” and I couldn’t figure out how to get if back online.  I feel so helpless sometimes when I can’t figure stuff like this out.  I don’t know why- but my immediate response is to call my dad, which is NEVER a good idea. He just makes me feel stupid and asks things like, “well did you click it”? UM DUH. Haha.

Anyways, tomorrow should be a good day, minus the whole buying books thing.  Slowly and surely my money is disappearing.  Oh the price tag that goes along with a University. 


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