Walk with me darling, down memory lane.

I was looking through my kiddie-esque blogs on myspace.  I wrote these when I was a sophomore/junior and I found a couple that made me giggle. Here’s one:

What makes me [ME].  — Wrote by me…

[1]- I love yellow. I however do not like to wear yellow. I just like looking at it. (Still true)

[2]- I love cats… they’re so funny.

[3]- I love music and making new mixes. Even if it’s old songs… just arranging them in a new way.

[4]- I paint my nails religiously. Almost 3 times a week. And I own about 20 different tones of red. (This is still true, just imagine as much red finger nail polish as you can fathom- that’s my bathroom).

[5]- I love sculpture.  (Wire sculpture to be specific)

[6]- I love my bible study. We’ve been together since Frosh year and I absolutely love all of them.

[7]- I teach third grade sunday school with Emilie and I must say we are AWESOME teachers.

[8]- I love to read. I’m always reading at least one book, sometimes two.

[9]- I’m really excited to go away to school. I’m ready for change. (I wasn’t really- I’m such a faker).

[10]- I have a boyfriend… Derek would be his name. (Definitely no longer true, actually he decided to go to WSU, while we were dating mind you, then I broke up with him a week before graduation. I don’t know what’s wrong with me).

[11]- I love going to museums. (Will always be true).

[12]- I love shopping. Cliche huh?

[13]- My family is the closest you’ll ever see one. (Semi-true)

[14]- We have a house in Bend, OR.

[15]- Jennifer is my BFFE. (Bffe stands for best friends forever & ever, we were trying to make fun of the tween population- but this is not true anymore- obviously from my other blog about her).

[16]- I love Laguna Beach. This summer for my senior trip, Jenni (sister), Jessica and I are going to our condo in Carlsbad, CA and we’re going to spend some time in Laguna. Cannot wait. (So we did go to Laguna, and it ruined everything.  For some reason the whole town felt like a movie set- just really fake.  But I do enjoy seeing things on the show and being able to say I’ve actually been there).

[17]- My mom is obsessed with exercise and organic foods. I’ve been raised this way. (Oh gosh, she’s crazy. Exercise-addicted I tell you!)

[18]- I’ve always been afraid of elevators… eek. (Since I’ve been at school I’ve come to terms with elevators and I’m not afraid of them anymore. In fact, I take one at least twice a day just to get to my classes).

[19]- I love spaghetti- and most italian foods.

[20]- I’m a sucker for romantic movies, songs, lyrics, poems, books,etc.

[21]- I have blonde hair, and am sometimes slightly silly.

[22]- I love snow, and random storms…. unless they cause trouble.

[23]- I love candles.

[24]- I love camping.

[25]- I’ll admit it, I enjoy going to walmart sometimes.

[26]- I love mascara and eyelashes.

[27]- I loathe my pail skin. (I’ve also come to terms with my pale skin, I’m never going to be tan- and pail suits me).

[28]- I love Jane Austen.

[29]- I love Urraco. (Coffee shop).

[30]- I really like Barnes and Nobles and other various book stores.

So that’s it for that blog, but I also found a quote on my blog that I thought I’d share:

“Sometimes love isn’t about how much someone suits you
but how much you’re willing to change to suit them.”

I don’t know where I found this, or if I thought it up.

Another quote I found and love is from C.S. Lewis and I wrote this blog my senior year when I was studying Mere Christianity.

“The moment you have a self at all, there is a possibility of putting yourself first–wanting to be the centre–wanting to be God, in fact.”

Anyways, needless to say it was a fun trip down memory lane.  I probably sound so naive and young- considering these blogs were only one or two years ago, however, I have changed a lot and it’s amusing to see.


One thought on “Walk with me darling, down memory lane.

  1. ulisesbrambila says:

    Sometimes love isn’t about how much someone suits you
    but how much you’re willing to change to suit them.
    [still true]

    Lyrics from AlexisOnFire that I told you about.

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