Home sweet home.

I’m going “home” tomorrow.  It’s not exactly my home, but it is where all of my stuff is- and my friends. 

Honestly, it’s a bittersweet feeling- as many times as I’ve said I’m dying to go back, it will be sad to leave Jessica, and my sister.  But I am excited to organize my room with all my new gifts from Christmas, and get organized to kick some school butt this semester.

I think I thought everything would just come to me easily, and I’m realizing more now than ever that I have to work for what I want.

It’s going to be weird not going to work anymore- I’ve kind of gotten used to it.  Last night I was telling my mom about how my boss said I could work spring break and summer as well (which is GREAT, I don’t have to search for a job), and I said it’s unfair that I don’t get any breaks, to which she replied, “college is a break, you sleep in, go to class for about two hours or three hours a day, have the rest of the afternoon off.  Not to mention you have absolutely no obligations, no job, it is your break.”  I guess she is right, and if I didn’t have something to do while I was here I would probably go crazy anyways.

I’m going to miss the ladies in accounting.  They are such characters, let me tell you a little bit about them:

Janet- The funniest woman you will ever meet.  She is obsessed with celeb news and find out BEFORE anyone else, I am not kidding you.  She has the voice of a radio host, and I absolutely love her. 

Jenni- (sister) always willing to help me out if I get confused about something they want me to do, not to mention we go to her house during our lunch break and watch Girls Next Door. Good times.

Sherry- The intimidating boss. (she really isn’t) yet I do always feel slightly uncomfortable when she’s here the cubicle next to mine. 

Dani- This girl has an amazing heart, she will put anyone before herself. She is just the nicest person I’ve met.

Well there you have it, my accounting family, good thing I get to come back to these people on break.

(It’s no mistake, I am not good with numbers or math of any sort, I don’t know why I’m in this department, but I’m glad I am).


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