So tonight my sister and I FINALLY hung out.  We went shopping, and her friend from school, Ash, met up with us.  It was a blast.  I forget how funny my sister and ash are when they’re together.  So somehow we end up talking about my sisters ex-boyfriends (2 of which are now gay).  The mall was pretty busy, and loud, but we weren’t talking too loud.  And we weren’t saying anything at all along the lines of being disrespectful towards gay men or anything of that sort, yet this guy walking in front of us turns around and says, “You talk enough to make any man want to turn gay”. Huh? Is he serious?  It’s a mall- not a library.  Can you imagine groups of people walking around the mall in silence? 

Other than that the night was flawless, so much fun.  At the end of the night we drive to my sister’s house (my car is there) and she says that Trevor’s friend E is spending the night because they’re going to get drunk and play playstation. (the mature 28 year olds they are).  I think nothing of this, I’ve met E, nothing too exciting, the typical twenty-eight year old man. 

We walk in and wow, E is not how I remember him.  He is handsome all of the sudden, and funny.  Last time I met him he barely spoke, and then he left for mexico to teach at a university.  It seems as though his time down south has done him well. And maybe it’s because he had been drinking already, but I swear he starts flirting with me.  In a subtle way of course.  But none-the-less, it’s flirting.  And even does that smile with the “eye” thing, you all know what I’m talking about. 

Later, my sister mentions the fact I’m 18 (I think she began to take notice of his interest and decided to become protective big sis).  Yet, it seems this fact doesn’t seem to bother him. 

It was just an interesting night all together, it will be even more interesting to see how things turn out my last few days of break at home. 


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