Boredom ensues…


So today I was realizing I live a very boring, and rather uneventful life.  This could be a good thing, or it could be the worst thing about me.  I’m the first to admit that life shouldn’t be like the movies, but what if it was? Have you ever had a moment in your life where you thought, “wow, this is just like a romance novel”. I can safely say I haven’t, and maybe it’s because I choose to live my life safely, hidden from fear, all the while being smothered by my over-protective mother.

There’s a John Mayer song that says, “Fear is a friend who’s misunderstood”, and I’d have to agree. Fears are often things we have to move past, which in turn makes us stronger.  For making us better, fear shouldn’t be considered a bad thing, yet we can’t help by try and steer clear of it.

I never thought I’d be excited to go back to school, home just always seemed more appealing, but lately I’ve been so bored in Shelton.  It’s not how I remember it, and maybe it’s because its not the same place it used to be in my mind. I no longer have any friends here besides Jessica and my sister.  I mean that’s horrible to say, but all of my highschool friends and I went our separate ways- to different schools and what not.  We’re not the same people, and as for those who stayed behind that were years younger than me, it’s too difficult to relate to them anymore.  We’re in different parts of our lives, and it’s crazy just how much four months can change a person.

Today I had an awful realization: I have no plans for New Years.  My one and only friend that lives in Shelton, Jessica, went to Kansas to visit her dad (she does this annually) therefore, I will most likely be watching sitcoms, with my parents, in our living room, until midnight strikes. I shudder at the thought. 

What I really want to do is go see a movie, or go shopping.  Do anything at this point that will get me out of my house.  I had high hopes of all the movies I would see this break with my sister and Jessica.  Nothing has happened.  Maybe I should be more inventful, and seek out events full of “fun”, I mean I can’t just wait for fun to come to me, but honestly, I’m in one of those self pity moods, so just bare with me.

My sister cancelled on me again tonight, for her “eleven month” anniversary with Trevor.  That’s not even a milestone, I’d like to point out.  But I’m not going to force her to hang out with me. And they’re obviously in the honeymoon stage. 


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