Adventures in B&N:


If anyone is wondering what 8 posts in one day could possibly mean, it means I’m working over break.  And I work a job in which I seem to do nothing but sit and “look pretty”. 

Anyways the reasoning for this post is I remembered something that happened recently to me, and I thought I’d share.

So basically, I went to Barnes & Noble in the hopes of finding “Wookie Cookies: A Starwars Cook Book” for my friend Emilie.  I rarely go shopping alone, and I really don’t know why.  Maybe its because I like conversation, or maybe it’s because selfish me assumes everyone will stare, wondering why I am alone.

Regardless, I went alone.  I walk in the large wooden double doors begin to weave through the many tables of recommended books. (Why do they zig zag the tables? So you have to stop and take a look?) Anyways, I look to my right and see a employee and smile at him.  He’s cute, intelligent looking, my type completely, but most likely too old for me.  For the sake of the story we’ll call him B.  I keep walking, and head for the cookbooks.  Once I get there I realize I don’t know the authors name and they are arranged alphabetically by author.

I start heading for the center customer service desk when suddenly out of nowhere B steps in front of me, halting my step.  “Can I help you?” He asks.  I tell him what I’m looking for, he tells me he’ll look it up, I follow him to the customer service desk.  “We don’t keep that book in the cookbook section” he tells me.  (Is it just me, or does this sentence infer that he was watching me).  He then leads me to what? Yes thats right, the Starwars section, it does exist.  And can I interrupt here and ask does anyone else feel as though store employees walk extremely fast when leading you to what you asked for.  He is in a jog almost, taking short quick steps looking back at me, most likely to see if I’m still behind him.  We arrive to the section, “Is that all you need?” he asks.  I tell him yes and thank you, he walks away.

I then think of how I can make this gift even better (not that it isn’t great enough already), but then think hmm… journal? Emilie loves writing so I head for the journals, which mind you- is on the opposite end of the store.  I’m there for oh- about 30 seconds and suddenly B comes around the corner, stacking up some journals.  I think to myself, that’s odd. But move on…

Next I head to the calander section.  (One again across the store) You see, I’ve been dying to get the “Nuns having fun” calander and I look at it everytime I go to a book store.  And guess who shows up a few minutes after I flip through some calanders? B! Okay, this does not seem like a coincidence. He’s following me.  (Weird).

I then head to the check out line, which because of the holiday season, is hideous.  Eventually I get to the front and guess who one of the cashiers is? B. OK this is too much.

What I’m wondering was, is he watching me because he thinks I’m going to steal something?  Do I look like a thief?  Anyone want to shed some light on the possibilities for his odd behavior?


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